Eagle USA Price
Graphite - $137.50/Steel - $112.50

#4-PW/AW(RH or LH)/shaft-True Temper XP 90E The Mitsubishi KuroKage 65 (50 L)

716 AP1 Irons

DISTANCE - An extreme 360 undercut cavity creates a large, thin, unsupported face that increases both speed and launch for more distance. High density tungsten drives the center of gravity low allowing stronger lofts to create even more speed and more distance. FORGIVENESS The use of extreme high density tungsten moves weight to the perimeter increasing moment of inertia for speed on off-center hits. 716 AP1 irons are the most forgiving among irons of similar size.

  • Maximum Distance. Maximum Forgiveness.
  • Maximum distance from the 360° undercut, thin, fast face and strong lofts.
  • Maximum forgiveness from high density tungsten weighting.

Titleist Custom Iron Shaft Options Available
  • Length: From -1" up to +1"
  • Lie Angle: From -2 degree up to +2 degree (minimum +/-1 degree)
  • Grip: Various choices available
  • Grip Size: -1/64, std, +1/64, +1/32, +1/16

  • Custom Shaft Options
    The swing weight, grip, & face alignment that you define will be requested when ordered. However, please be aware that it is an exemption from our responsibility due to the nature of the assembling process.
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