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As the pioneers of club fitting more than 30 years, PING recognizes the value of club fitting is not only performance but service. The following information will help you select the proper fitting PING irons.

PING Iron Color Code Chart

How to use chart:

  1. Wearing street shoes on a hard surface, stand straight with arms relaxed at side.

  2. Have someone measure from point where glove hand meets wrist (first crease) to floor. This is wrist-to-floor measurement.

  3. Find height range column at top of chart and locate wrist-to-floor measurement on left margin of chart.

  4. Intersection of the two measurements is suggested PING Irons Color Code or effective lie angle.

  5. "Length" measurement under "Height" column at top of chart is suggested club length.
NOTE: PING Color Code will not change regardless of finished length of club, because lie angle is automatically compensated for in assembly.
Example: A club that is +1" will have an actual lie angle that is 1.5 degrees flatter than the same Color Code club at standard length.

Grip Size
Grip Chart

  1. Measure the overall length of the player's glove hand, palm side, from the wrist crease to the end of the longest finger. (A)
  2. Measure from the end of the longest finger to the crease where the finger joins the palm. (B)
  3. Intersection of (A) and (B) is suggested grip size.

PING Color Coded Grips

Blue -3/64 Red -1/32 Aqua -1/64 White Std. Gold +1/32 Orange +1/16

Ideal swing comes from proper grip.
There are 5 different kinds of girp and 6 color size to choose from.


ID8 Blue -3/64 Red -1/32 Aqua -1/64 White Std. Gold +1/32 Orange +1/16
ID8 Full Cord Aqua -1/64 White Std. Gold +1/32
703 Blue -3/64 Red -1/32 Aqua -1/64 White Std. Gold +1/32 Orange +1/16
703 Full Cord Aqua -1/64 White Std. Gold +1/32
Textured Spiral Aqua -1/64 White Std. Gold +1/32


Cushin Insert Option Cushin Insert

Optional in steel iron shafts the Cushin Insert screens out and dissipates the unwanted frequencies that can adversely affect muscle, bone and connective tissue.

As a result, the golfer receives less vibration with greater feel on each shot. Since the Cushin insert reduces fatigue, golfers can still play to their full potential toward the end of an active round. The Cushin adds approximately 10 grams of the shaft's weight.


The ultimate step in customizing PING irons is personalization. Golfers can have their names etched on the hosel of each club in their set. Block or script lettering is offered in one row with up to 13 characters per row.

  • Engraving charge is $6.00 per line per Iron.
  • Engraving charge is $12.00 per line per Wood.
  • Engraving charge is $12.00 per line per Putter.

    Example: 8 iron set with one line engraved
    Engraving charge $6.00 x 8 = $48.00
    Total $48.00

    Custom etching on PING irons is also available. Perfect for your club name, organization or event.

    Some players will benefit from a small loft adjustment to fine-tune their trajectory.
    Irons (#2-#9) can be strengthened or weakened a maximum of 1 degree (1/4 club) & 2 degrees maximum for wedges to alter the final trajectory without adversely affecting the bounce angles.
    Adjustments in excess of one degree will require grinding of the soles (at additional cost) to re-establish the proper bounce angle.

    PING Wrx
    PING Wrx offers more options that you cannot choose from the Standard Custom Options. PING Wrx high standard craftmanship realizes your dream clubs with the wide selection of shafts and grips as well as grind options.

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